Lifesong Ukraine

Ukraineby the numbers

  • Location:Europe
  • Population:47 million
  • Language:Ukrainian
  • Capital:Kiev
  • Total Children Served:1477
  • Fully Sponsored:98
  • Partially Sponsored:28
  • Unsponsored:7

Ministering to children in orphanages by providing Constant Christian Presence (CCP), transitional housing programs, summer camps, job skill training, and sustainable business.

What you give:

  • Monthly Financial Support of $34 (shared sponsorship) or $68 (full sponsorship)
  • Regular Prayer Support for the needs of a child

What the child receives:

  • Mentorship/discipleship
  • Improved living conditions
  • One-on-one counseling and group Bible study
  • Job skills training, sports ministry, music lessons, and computer skills training
  • The gift of intentional prayer from their sponsor

Sponsor a Child

100% of sponsorship donations received through Lifesong go directly towards caring for children in Ukraine.

*Letter-writing correspondence is available. In addition, you can expect to receive periodic email updates about the program in Ukraine. 

Due to child protection laws, you'll notice the photos of the children from Ukraine are not view-able on the website. Once you sign up to sponsor, you will have access to your child's photo! 


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